MATH236 Mathematical Methods IIB

In the second semester of 2017, I shall be lecturing for the 'Vector Calculus' part of this course. Dr Ji Li shall be the unit convenor for this course this semester. More to follow.

MXB202 Advanced Calculus

This course is for second-year mathematics and engineering undergraduates at QUT. The course builds on a typical first-year single variable calculus course by extending calculus to several variables, using ‘div grad and curl’ to study vector fields, and applying the key integral theorems of vector calculus. The topics covered lay the foundations for many advanced undergraduate courses at the third and fourth year level (such as asymptotic analysis, partial differential equations, stochastic processes, fluid dynamics, mathematical biology, etc).

The following is an outline of the course:

  • partial differentiation
  • multiple integrals
  • vector fields
  • gradient, divergence and curl
  • path integrals
  • surface integrals
  • Green’s Theorem
  • Gauss’ Theorem
  • Stokes’ Theorem
  • physical applications.

Lecture notes, lecture scribbles, general information about the course (coursework, tutorials, office hours, recommended texts, etc), and details about the final exam are made available on the QUT Blackboard site for the course. Important announcements are also posted on Blackboard.